Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel

2011-01-07 16:07:43

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - How I learned to hate MMO'lites -

Sacred 2 advertising fooled me, I should really know better by now that MMO and MMOlites as I will refer to the genre that this game seems to belong, that they like to be boisterous with all the promise and prose they can slather on, claiming gigantic gameworlds with epic challenges and grand storylines that have depth and meaning and ultimately can be done both along a good or evil path. Sacred 2 is no different, indicating that the ultimate goal of those that play Sacred 2 is to either save the world, or bring about its undoing. What the game has succeeded in thus far is undoing every chance I've been giving it like the attention whore that it is. It promises it'll do better next time and tries to get me to return to it only to not know what the fuck it should be doing with my time.


I can summarize my ire for this game thusly. I am playing an inquisitor, one of the "dark" aligned classes the game gives you(5 prefab race/class combinations and no you don't even get to choose male/female, you just are). and as I wander about the game I pick up quests from people with big question marks over their heads like every MMO has been doing since WoW did it first. and what quests is given to a wretch like me? "could you fetch my favorite chicken? I think he wandered into the cemetary", "could you break into this dudes place and steal me some Garlic so I can make a righteous omelette?", "please kick these dormers out of my house they are unwelcome!" There is no moral based judgements to be had here, just fetch quests, no feeling that I have control or a choice in the matters of these quests, and without the quests the game is just balls out retarded, especially since enemies respawn so you can't even go on cleansing sprees, nor can you kill NPC's to appease your dark overlords.


This game is xbox 360 MMOlite shovelware, meant to attract the lowest common denominator with promises of night elf like scantily clad female heroines(there are no male good characters btw unless the gnoll golem counts as "male"). We're talking female characters who charge into battle wearing school girl barely there crotch coverings and belly showing shirts and stripper heels. Stripper heels do not belong in a medieval fantasy game where your character is running across rock, dirt, and sand. Ever see pictures/video of a girl who wore high heels then set out onto the beach? where were their heels? that's right, in their god damn hands because walking across sand in stripper heels is asking for a faceplant and broken ankles. Fucking retarded fan service wardrobe decisions. I turned clothing this character into a game. I started off my quest in search of pants, since surely this gstring and hooker heels can't be sufficient protection from the horde of cutpurses. Upon buying a pair of "pants" I throw them on to find that the female equivelant of the generic armor type pants, is really assless chaps strapped at the thigh and calf with thin leather straps.leaving the crotch still very much exposed. I'm not the poster child of womans rights by any stretch of the imagination, but even I'm offended by the horrible horrible female protaganists in this game.


Also the camera controls are fucking retarded, and I constantly have to open the main map to get my bearings, the marker that indicates north on the compass compared to all the other quest markers is unhelpful and blends in, making it impossible to determine direction using the compass. if it were more clear then it might be slightly easier to steer the drunken camera into position. There is almost no proper placement of the camera, it has pseudo mmo camera controls but even they fall short of actual mmo controls and thus you are constantly unable to see far enough ahead of you to make any difference. I think this is to cover up one of the games most glaring broken promises. Seamlessness.


The game promises a seamless world without the need of load screens as it buffers the map on the fly. How it does this is retarded and false. Basically as you are running and pass into an area that joins up with an area that needs to load the camera breaks off of follow mode since it cannot draw distances past the glass wall, so your guy then moves ahead of center towards the edge. and in most cases unless you are dashing straight ahead it loads fast enough and the camera plays catch up, but there are some instances where this fails and you are stuck rubbing your nose along the glass wall waiting for the next map segment to load. This seamless world also apparently did not mean dungeons either, those still load seperately, though not terribly slowly thankfully.


All in all if you like MMO fodder you should probably play an MMO considering the added social aspects of those titles, this game does allow you to get an xbox live party together to roam the dungeons but seriously I'm deathly afraid of the kinds of players this game attracts to play multiplayer with, since it is likely basically MMO rejects.


Unfortunately I don't have table support today(one of several minor tweaks left to make my tools whole again) so here's the list broken down in ugly short form


Start 10

Advertising indicates high adventure, game indicates shitty fetch quests -7

5 playable classes with no race/class/sex choices, only hair color -3

Generic push button combat like every MMO ever  -5

Camera that drives drunker than barflies on st patricks day -6

Result: -21/10

A game that shits the bed so hard  the neighboring games on the same shelf get coated in its shiny excrement. A game that sets back womens rights by just existing, a game so garbage it has replaced the worlds worst game in my mind. fuck this game, never play it, never look at it, just no, don't torture yourself with this half chewed dog turd of a title.