The Last Remnant

2010-12-12 16:10:39

When it comes to JRPG's my taste for them has all but disappeared as time has gone by. Mostly because they are all basically the same generic premise. Teenagers out to save the world from some giant abomination brought about by a conspiracy of old fucks. With certain set pieces like random encounters, bizarro mini-games, underage love interests, and at least 1 wacky sidekick. JRPGs are truly a blend of everything that is japanese entertainment culture blended into a fine powder upon which otaku's here snort up gleefully with their shitty anime emoticons ^.^

No I can't stand JRPG's, I always try to give them a chance, because I did enjoy a handful of titles, such as Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy X, Enchanted Arms, most of Lost Odyssey despite its emo hero. Where I die is in the grinding, the story no matter how hokey and NPC's no matter how retarded I can enjoy. But heaven forbid you place me into a situation where I have to repeat actions 100x in order to advance. 

This is what attracted me to The Last Remnant. It was a JRPG but done a bit differently, it was more squad oriented, with battlefields that were not people on 1 side of the screen vs people on the opposite side, often times the heroes were surrounded and looking for a way to make a route to escape using. There was far tighter emphasis on group tactics and less leaning on the 1 super guy of the group. Everyone had a purpose. Regarding random encounters this game much like Blue Dragon did places the random encounters as actual wandering monsters you can visibly see, making it your decision as to whether to face off with those monsters, or simply walk past them. All in all The Last Remnant showed a lot of promise for a JRPG title, and maybe when I get more time on my hands I'll rerent or even purchase it. Unfortunately at the time I had it I just did not have the time to dedicate to it, forgot the plot by the time I picked it back up, and was thus disenchanted by the title. It does bear a bit of the same "teenagers out to save the world" but it does it in such a good way that it's definitely worth your time. Definitely one of the better JRPGs to ever be released.


There really isn't anything I can say outright negative about this game so I will give is a 9/10, What I played of it was outstanding, I would probably find some flaw in it down the road but at this time it has shown to be above the rest of the JRPGs out there, and worthy of my playtime. Give it a try.