Too Human

2009-06-08 23:23:52

Too Human(Xbox 360)

Too Human, is an interesting title and one of the most refreshing breathes of fresh air in this FPS riddled "Next-Gen" Generation of Consoles. Too Human is what you get when you take a competent developer, a desire to make a Diablo 2 clone(yes this is a burn on Hellgate), and splice it all to a well understood and translated norse mythos. But the ride doesn't quite end there, as this is not just a Norse version of Diablo 2, but it is a cybernetic translation of Norse Mythos, where the Aesir, the gods of Norse Mythos, are actually cybernetically enhanced beings attempting to restore the world to it's former glory after what appears to be some kind of nuclear holocaust. All the big well known norse gods are represented right up front, from Thor to Loki, Balder, and the fates. Even some of the lesser known gods are represented, I had to look them up in order to verify they really existed and while doing so I was astonished how well the Norse mythos fit within this cybernetically enhanced world.

The game features multiple character classes built around certain specialties much like Diablo 2 and other games like it. Except instead of mages, you get snipers, barbarians you get berserkers, etc. There's even a healer class in the game which would probably be immensely useful in online play. I only played the game single player but I can see this game having the same kind of attraction that Diablo 2 did for the PC. there are multiple color coded levels of equipment rarity and you can also build your own equipment by receiving plans to build a weapon/armor, and a lot of weapons have empty slots, which you can then fill with runewords in order to grant that weapon additional boosts in several stats..

Controls are thankfully not a mouse breaking click-fest as much as it was in Diablo, you use the analog sticks to move, and you use the triggers to shoot and the other buttons to melee attack and manuever. Overall less insane clicking to get the same job done. Another thing the game lacks is potions, you pick up health as enemies drop them which is often not quickly or readily enough. and your ammo recharges over time automatically. Upon death a Cybered up Valkyrie warps in and picks up your dead corpse in an unskippable cutscene that takes far far too long to complete. afterwards you are dumped back into the combat in real time, no checkpoints to worry about here, you'll always be placed almost right where you died. You will also lose equipment durability when this happens as well, as the only penalty for death.. First time I played I played as a Champion, which is a middle of the road character with a mix of melee and ranged combat options. The 2nd time I played as the Commando, a ranged combat expert. The different just out of the gate was drastic, it made me wish that I had played as a Commando first, as I could obliterate all the enemies in the first map without taking a single point of damage. I was awestruck at the destructive powers of the Commando. Though as the Champion I did enjoy some of the skill tree items, such as the spider drone mods that allowed me to use my spider drone as a suppression fire device, spraying molten lead in a suppressive wall to weaken enemies and make them easier to kill.
Reason Rank
Start 10
Norse Mythos seamlessly integrated with Science Fiction +7
Intuitive and simple Controls +5
Diablo 2 Random Loot Replay Value +2
Unskippable Death Cutscene -9
Too few health drops in Hel -1
Total 14/10

Aside from the death cutscene that you can't skip and have to watch over and over and over and over again especially in the more dangerous parts of the game, this game gets it all right and is a welcome change from FPS city that we've been suffering with in the next gen consoles. So if you have a 360, pick up Too Human, just be ready to grind teeth everytime you die. A solid 14/10 score puts it as one of the top games for this console..