Splinter Cell:DA

2008-12-07 17:47:39

Splinter Cell Double Agent (Xbox360)

Well, it has been a while since my last posting, don't think I've gone and died a horrible choking death caused by bile from shitty games. I moved and didn't have a lot of time to broadcast my feelings about some things. But without further ado let's crack apart the shitfest that has befallen Splinter Cell.

Now to say I'm a fan of Sam Fisher and his dealings as what I like to call the modern day American Ninja would be an understatement. At my other job I had a Splinter Cell Chaos Theory poster on my cube, I've played the 2 sequels to the original splinter cell, and I beat them with much pleasure. I've never been very happy with the multiplayer mostly because retarded 10 year olds hog up all the spy slots and never let me play anything but mercenary, so basically if you're looking for a game to join into you're guarenteed to be a merc unless your one of the first people to join up. I got lucky all of twice in my online history with the series in getting a game going where people traded off between rounds. Those were pure joy. What ended up happening was I became a master Mercenary. This changed however in Chaos Theory when weak newbs would create games where they'd ban motion trackers on Mercenaries and allow Active Camo on Spies. Talk about shitty games where only the spies can win.

But as usual I digress, this is about Splinter Cell Double Agent. More like a double dose of shitty spliced gameplay. As usual I'm gonna spoil the shit out of the game so watch out if you want to test this shit yourself. So basically shit starts heading south from mission 1. Sam has a partner, Sam never has a partner in the field, there is basically no need for a partner, the partner just makes things more complicated for Sam, who has up until this point been a 1 man band of killing knock out blows and technological ninjitsu. But this time he has a cocky arrogant partner. Thankfully cocky asshole gets himself caught and blown away by the terrorists in the first mission. So this goes to prove the point to Third Echelon, don't send me in with rookies. I warned you about this shit and you let it happen. Pissed me off though cause I don't want to feel responsible for this kids death.

After the first mission is over, boom Sam is hit by a ton of bricks because he boss shows up and tells him his only daughter(and only attachment to the world outside of the CIA) is dead, ran over by a drunk fuck. Sam gets pissed and takes a leave of absence. This makes sense his daughter did die after all. So I guess Sam's not allowed to quit so the Colonel decides the best way to get him back on track is to put him in undercover into a terrorist cell. Let's see I'm gonna count on my hand how many times Sam Fisher has gone undercover as a splinter cell.... Gee looks like I could count on a hand where all the fingers were blown off with a grenade how many times in the series this has happened. Sam isn't an undercover cop, he's a ninja, give him his bag of ninja tricks and he's fine. But not this time, oh no, this time he has to be a James Bond kind of spy, except the tux is replaced with a prison uniform, the halo drop into the secret facility is replaced with prison rape, and the martinis are beer with the terrorists for friends.

Basically you have trust meters that go up and down throughout the missions, if you do everything the terrorists want you to, then you get trust from them and your NSA trust drops, if you do all the NSA wants your Terrorist trust drops. You basically have to do a middle of the road for both in order to keep the story progressing. Now I didn't make it past the 4th or 5th mission for 2 reasons. 1 I just couldn't get into Sam Fishers new identity as poor man James Bond, and 2nd the new user interface is shit.

The User Interface really killed the game in Double Agent. Instead of the comfortable UI that features things like a light meter letting me know how obvious I am, a sound meter letting me know what the ambient sounds are and how noisy I am in comparison, a list of my current objectives and current selected weapon, I'm given a small bar with a mission objective and a stoplight indicator. This stoplight indicator tells me Green: you're unseen and unheard. Yellow: You were spotted or heard and they are looking for the source. Red: they're shooting yo ass!

Quite a dramatic move that renders previous gameplay unusable as a basis for this game. Some might say this increases the difficulty where I would say I wasn't bitching about the game being too easy to begin with. Increasing the difficulty so that now I have to rely on my own hearing to determine if I'm being too loud(hard to do if you have to mute sound in order to play late night sessions) and determine brightness which is difficult if your blind or more likely your screen brightness is not setup very well. These are things that could be easily solved by using the old UI. The only thing I could think of to justify the clearing of the UI is the fact that Sam is no longer in his spy suit. he now wears regular clothes. but Sam has super tools, like his Nokia Safe Cracker, his Wristwatch Communicator. I mean he's a super spy with super tech, why can't he have a light sensor and a microphone in his watch giving him the play by play? makes no damn sense.

My thoughts on this game is 4/10 I'm sure it's a good game if you're not used to the license and you enjoy run and gun in a game where veterans of the game expect stealth. I think this game caters towards the wrong demographic and does it sloppily. The next edition of the game Conviction, where Sam Fisher is without all his toys and is hiding in plain sight will probably be a step in the right direction and will justify the lack of UI and all the things missing from Double Agent. Things will click better in that game I'm sure, this is just an uncomfortable prequel that is only good for setting the stage for a better game down the road. All in all, I think this game would've been better played as a cutscene prior to Conviction.