Devil May Cry 4

2008-12-07 21:54:08

Devil May Cry 4 (Xbox360)

Now I'm not too huge on the adventure game Genre these days, long ago have I put down my whip in Castlevania, and my Ninja Sword in Ninja Gaiden(though I keep picking it up trying to complete it one of these days!) So when this game came sliding under my cave door I had my skepticisms in high gear. Some of you may ask, why I hate this genre so much. It's not that I hate the genre, it is that the Genre hasn't performed very well for me, most of the storylines in adventure gaming have been incredibly transparent, the gameplay structured the exact same way, the replay values non-existant much like the multiplayer capability, and the Arcadey ranking system a lot of these things seem to have.

So Devil May Cry 4, 4th in the series, sees us playing not as Dante, who has been the main character for 100% of the series this far, but as a young buck named Nero, who just so happens to bear a demonic arm. Dante shows up at the scene of what appears to be a peaceful village performing some prayer to their god Sparda(who the DMC fanboys should know is the father of Dante) and Dante pops a cap in the "pope's" dome. This causes everyone to panic except for Nero who busts out his double barrel revolver and starts trying to ventilate Dante. Cue an overly Equilibrium(if you haven't seen this movie yet, go do it now) like fight sequence, with lots of stalemating, ending with Dante escaping and Nero then being tasked to chase him down. So far so good right?.

The game is a very linear game, as to be expected with most adventure games, but it definitely has some interesting twists along the way, the puzzles were standard adventure fare, but the game has a progression of zones and boss fights, with mini fights throughout as well which always appear as a small cutscene of red webbing covering the points of entry into the area. Once you beat all the bosses as Nero, Dante shows up and you play as him as you go backwards through the game, fighting all the exact same bosses in reverse order, until you get to the "final boss" this not only allows you to basically play the entire game as both characters, fighting the same enemies and bosses, but really appreciate the differences between the characters.

Once you beat the final boss, you get back on as Nero and have to fight within the big boss, basically going through the boss fights in the game AGAIN, so that makes 3 times you have to beat each boss, then finally you get to the final badass, you kill him, save the girl and think it's over, but it's not, the big boss gets back up and you have to use nothing more than pure luck of timing with your demon arm to beat the final boss..

The weapons of the game are alright, although I have to say the reaper wings that Dante gets at the end to shoot explosive blades into his enemies doesn't work as well as advertised and was sadly disappointing. Even Gilgamesh the cool looking spurs and gloves that you get can't really compete with Rebellion, so I just keep using the sword the entire game because the spurs are too unwieldly and slow, and the angel wings are shitty and do almost no damage. However once you get Pandora, the game gets some added cool points as the box can transform into multiple types of weapons, including a weapons platform that Dante can ride in like a hoverbike. Nero doesn't get any cool new weapons at all in the game, only his turbo sword and his pistol, and his skills with his arm, Though one of the most satisfying things to do in the game is take the claymore reptile hybrids and throw them with the demon arm into Agnus, one of the mini-bosses of the game..

Reason Rank
Start 10
Emo JRPG-Esque Plot -5
Vanilla Adventure game -1
Replayability via Rankings -4
Cool series of weapons for Dante +5
None for Nero -3
Typical bad Adventure Game Camera -1
Plenty of good humor




The game gets a 3/10 from me, most of the game is about Nero chasing after Dante/trying to save his girl Kyrie from the demonic "angels" doesn't really innovate anything in the Genre, has no replay value unless you want to be known as Mr. SSS rating on the whole game, and the fixed camera in many places really hurts the gameplay, all the other adventure games out there today are being very innovative, with better camera systems, more compelling stories, and special rewards for beating the game at each difficulty(such as special costumes etc).