Army of Two

2008-12-07 21:54:08

Army of Two (Xbox360)

Army of Two is a 3rd person shooter focused on a plot that mixes current events with a mercenary conspiracy theory. The big draw to this game is that for once there is a game that pulls off cooperative play well and makes it the focus of the game as a whole. It is Army of Two after all, not Army of You

The game is not without it's flaws, and some of them are downright infuriating. For instance, the game awards you money for completing objectives, and you can then spend that money on weapons and equipment, so I spent some of my cash on an AK47 fully loaded, a P90 fully loaded out with all the mods, and a sniper rifle, I play with this loadout and have fun doing it for the most part, I start saving the rest of my money for the minigun I so want to play with, and then I take a breather. I load up my latest Checkpoint later, keep in mind I had crossed a few checkpoints with my new gun loadout, and I find that I have the very basic weapon loadout, like the guns you start with! What the FUCK EA? how did you manage to fuck up the weapon profiles so badly? I almost took the game out right then and threw it like a ninja star around the house and then pissing on it before sending it back.

I eventually calmed down enough to finish the damn game. The game is very good at setting your standard Army motif from the beginning, where everyone calls each other "bro" and people bump fists to encourage each other. You are introduced to the mercenary lifestyle by a asshole known as Clyde, he convinces your characters and their commanding officer to become mercenaries, Drunk with power, your commanding officer pulls a suprise twist that could be seen a mile away in using your characters to advance his political agenda, and then trying to rub you out. In typical Action Movie cliche, he fails to do the last half of the job and you go find him and take him and his flunkies out in a final battle scene which is 100x harder than anything else you've faced in the whole game.

A lot of times the game contrives the importance of working as a team, such as times when you both have to use the same door so the game can play an obligatory cutscene of your characters ripping a door off the hinges, or kicking the door in. Or the times it recommends to do a coop-snipe, sometimes it recommends doing these to static objects, which could just as easily be sniped and exploded by 1 player. Sometimes it will require the party to split into 2 in order to press a set of buttons across the map, while not gamebreaking in a sense, sometimes the Army of Two feeling lends to feelings of dragging some schmuck around because you need someone to help you open a door.

All in all however there were a couple of scenes the game captured beautifully, in the mission that involves trying to recover a aircraft carrier from terrorists you end up sinking the whole damn boat to avoid it detonating nukes when it crashes into Korea. The escape from the sinking Aircraft Carrier was amazingly well done. Other scenes of greatness would be the moments you have to do a tandem parachute jump, with one player steering the chute, while the other snipes the badguys beneath. I think with a little patching the game would avoid infuriating the player by wiping out his gun loadout, and the game would actually be mostly decent. I can't say as there is any real replay value however, so it's definitely a renter, assuming you can stomach the cheap cliche plot and have an actual real life human to play coop with.

Reason Rank
Start 10
Real Cooperative Play +5
Cheesy Dialog and a lot of "BRO" -5
Cliche B-rated plot -5
Losing Player 1's loadout forcing him to rebuy all his guns and mods




The game gets a 2/10 from me, if they patch that glitch with the losing the gun profile, then the game could actually be a 5/10 game, the gameplay is fun even if the dialog is a little whiny and plain, the killing people is still fun and exciting enough..